Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary! ♥

Today is my birthday! It is also my anniversary, and the day Brandon proposed to me. The number 6 means a great deal to me for many reasons, three of which I just mentioned. I am very lucky to have a love like this in my life and I hope to spend my life trying not to take it for granted.

A word to those looking for love ... don't. If you are true to yourself, it will find you. And if you settle for less than you deserve, just know that life is full of surprises and rebirths. You have the power to create another chance for yourself, so don't waste time on something that isn't true and worthy.

I love you, Bunny. Breal!!


  1. happy 6! that picture of you is smashing!


  2. Thanks! It has a sweet/cheesy story behind it as do most of these pictures, but I guess that is the point!