Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Quick Pasta Salad ♥

So easy and delicious! I was making "spaghett!" a few nights ago and had a ton of leftover bowtie pasta, so naturally ... I made lunch for the next day! There are a few ways to make pasta salad. I usually like to chop up some salami or ham to go in mine, but this was very last minute and I didn't have that much to work with.

Easy peasy ... boil some pasta, bathe in cold water and toss with butter/margarine/olive oil, whichever. Once cooled, add diced veggies like bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, carrots, etc. If you have time, roast the tomatoes and bell peppers and dice them up! [just slice, add olive oil and broil until crisp] Then add your coating. I like Olive Oil Vinagrette! Add cheese last. I like to use a shredded variety like the colby trio or something. Just refrigerate in a Tupperware for a quick lunch or side to just about anything!

Yummy and pretty! 

Just like pizza, pasta salad can be topped with just about any vegetable. My favorite pasta salad is from Spirits in Alexandria and it has artichokes and a ton of Parmesan cheese! But, if you're having a bit of a stock issue in your fridge, this quick and easy salad will do just fine. Cheers! ♥

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