Monday, June 20, 2011

New & Notable [also, Cheddar Biscuits!!]

Best/worst breakfast in bed ever. Too many calories is a great way to start the week. Anyway, I am dying in this  heat wave!! I am so thankful to have a wonderful home with kick ass air conditioning. I honestly think I had a heat stroke at the Shreveport Common event this weekend!! Despite the fact that we had to pack up early due to my Zombees melting away, I think we had a decent time and I hope that the Shreveport Common grows into something permanent! I have tons of new Zombees ... Sweet Basil Bouisson, Coco No. 5 [coconut with lime], Summer Brees [teakwood!], Mad Madame Mulberry and BeeJoux which is a honeycomb scented candle exclusive to the Farmer's Market this summer. Ashlie, Cookie and I have been having a pretty good time down at the Market so far. There are so many amazing vendors! I hope to be a part of this for years to come. My plan is to be everyone's new "Candle Lady" and then send out change-of-title forms and force them to call me their "Zombee Lady" ... baby steps, people.

Here are a few things that have been going on lately ... a hodgepodge of goings on in the form of iPhone pics. Enjoy!

I can't remember if I posted these, I just think they're too cute, so best case scenario ... 
the blog gets a double dose of precious summer flowers!

Farmer's Market! Come get your Zombees!

My new nightly ritual. So delicious and sleep-inducing with a little Valerian root extract!

My favorite moisturizer, as some of you know. Chamomile and neroli, so amazing.
Great shipping, and a wonderful product as well. Check her out

No big deal, just made the most amazing cheddar biscuits ever. Take that, Red Lobster!
I just used a drop biscuit recipe and added about 1/2 cup of shredded sharp cheddar 
and some garlic and parsley. Brush with olive oil to get that golden color 
and then try not to eat a dozen ... I dare you!

Brandon and I have eaten shrimp taco salads roughly 4 times this week. So great!
Azteca makes great shells you can bake into bowls yourself! What goes in it is up to you, of course,
but let me just say ... Monterrey cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and spicy shrimp work amazingly well.

This pasta looks like squid. Impulse buy. Great simply coated in butter with a ton of
freshly chopped up basil.

Cheers! I discovered Strongbow Cider this week.

We had an Egyptian-themed jewelry program with the YA's last week. 
I'm excited for our other programs! Yay for Summer Reading!

Eeeek! I love my new mug! ♥ Heat activated ...

I got some great birthday gifts from my co-workers and kids in the teen program. 
So precious. You should know that this balloon is STILL FLOATING in The Fort. It's been two weeks!!
 I don't know why I'm so amazed, but I seem to remember balloons getting all saggy even before 
a party was over. I love this damn balloon. On the floor you can see Cookie's amazing
 present to me that will definitely have it's own post, so stay tuned!

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