Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Dump Out Your Sack!"

10pts if you know where the title of this blog came from. It isn't hard if you're a kindred spirit!

Moving on ... I love the magazine articles in which famous people show you what's in their handbag. Let me rephrase ... I like the idea of those types of features. The execution of which is usually a bit misleading and utterly disappointing. Por exemple, the bag usually costs more than our house note, the contents of which are equally astronomical in price range and the practicality of those items is usually debatable. "Oh, I just have some LaMer creme, my iPad and an extra Cartier watch I had lying around. You know, the essentials." I call bullshit. First of all, where is your heaping trash-ball of receipts? Where is the pen that works and twelve more that don't? And what about the tampons!? Sorry, I realize that pretty things in magazines generally have nothing to do with my life, but in order to make the voices stop, I thought I'd give you all a glimpse of what is really in my handbag ... 

Thar she blows, my Big Buddha. I'm pretty sure I traded purses for this, or got it as a gift. I cannot remeber. I know it came from cousin Kristina who loves bags as much as I do. The gold liner is a little "granny goes to the casino" as my sister says, but it reminds me of a big ol' pumpkin and I love it to death. 

As we gaze into the beast, we get a sense of just how much she can carry! 

A few essentials ... my favorite Aveeno moisturizer [available nearly everywhere], the best mascara ever; L'Oreal Voluminous w/curved brush, sunglasses, hair bows, a tampon and some truly divine lip embellishment from For Strange Women . I really think it is a Southern woman thing to never leave the house without mascara and something fabulous for your lips. Check and check.

My little bunny bag is so precious! I bought it a few months after I started dating Brandon. We [obnoxiously] call each other "Bunny," so I thought this was fitting. It is currently filled with pens, earrings and receipts.  Also, Halloween candy!

Okay, feel free to judge. I read Star Wars novels, so should you! I'm about 1/2 way through with a great book called Tasting Freedom about Octavius Catto, but while I generally read non-fiction historical books or biographies, I think it's imperative to break that up with some good old fashioned junk fiction which for me, usually takes the form of mystery cozies or sci-fi. I think you should always have a book on hand. I get a little panicky if I don't. What am I supposed to do while I wait for my oil change or my to-go order or                                       on line at the Post Office?! 

I always carry matches and stamps. These things are important! And apparently Halloween stickers. The tarot greeting card was a gift from Cookie from her trip to Austin. 

I never leave home without my day planner [complete with moon phases schedule]. I love these witchy pens!! I buy them in bulk. I'm really afraid they'll be unavailable in the future, so ... oh crap, I might be a hoarder!![jk!] I just buy lots of Halloween stuff to use year 'round. Totally normal.

LOOK AT THIS PEN! I love Jack! Sorry, moving on ...
I always keep tea, usually peppermint, but looks like I've had some nice Yerba Mate laying around in there for the last week or so. Yum! I think of tea as medicinal, it's kind of like having a first aid kit for me.

This is usually on my bedside table, but I recently went out of town without my hubby, 
so I had to bring it with me. I got this precious frame from Bombay before they closed.

Make-up wipes and a full bag of Jolly Ranchers are not usually in my bag, I promise.
Pretty funny, but please disregard.

My favorite lotion! It isn't really lotion, its like thick, delicious body cream from My Bubbling Cauldron. I love the smell of Neroli & Chamomile. I think it is an added bonus that it is Halloween-y! 

I keep the skull kerchief in case I spill something or need to cover my hair in the rain. It has been washed a billion times over the years and is still in great shape. I think I got it for like $3. 


I know, you were expecting worse ... a half eaten apple, some expired vitamins and a vial of what I tell people is Cleopatra's blood, right? Sorry to disappoint. I spared you the picture of that receipt ball I was bitching about earlier. Mostly because I'm ashamed at how many of them say Hobby Lobby and Tacomania and how few of them said something socially acceptable. In any case, my argument here is that what you keep in your handbag really speaks to who you are and just because you don't carry under-eye cream that is made from unicorn tears and costs $400/oz doesn't mean you're not fabulous. In any case, it is an interesting subject. I mean, what are the things you need [or feel that you really need] and what does that say about how you live? Too deep? Alright, fine; I'm going to Tacomania ...


  1. THAT is a truly magnificent bag. Posh but practical. It doesn't get much better.

    I'm pretty sure my mom and I are going to trade these Melie Biano handbags for Christmas, and of course, I've requested the big honkin' orange one.

  2. Is it completely insane that I not only know (and love) what movie you're referencing, but that when I read it, a little voice in my head said the quote in the actual actor's voice...?

    Let's light this sucker and meet the old broads....

  3. I knew you would get it, Tiff!! Haha. "My name ain't Ernie no more ... it's ICE."

    Those bags are great! I like the Birkin-esque lock and key types.

  4. I just read this post and someone already beat me to it, haha! I didn't even finish reading the post before I came to comment and say "I know it! Hocus Pocus! It's Hocus Pocus!"

  5. Oh by the by, that was me (Hillary) I tried to change my picture so you would know it was me but it just keeps that stupid "b" logo there.

  6. Pfft. Like I didn't know that was you!!

  7. haha! I mean yeah, I thought the name would give it away, but I wasn't totally sure. :D

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