Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pizza Forever! ♥

Pizza is one of my all time favorite foods. I really like to make it at home ... the veggies are always crisper and you're guaranteed to have exactly the right amount of toppings. Not to mention that pizza making is super fun and romantic ... if you're both food lovers that don't mind making a mess. 

This particular pizza doesn't have any sauce. I had some really ripe roma tomatoes [my favorite!], so I thought I'd use them instead of slathering sauce all over the place. Fresh basil, garlic and a mixture of Italian shredded cheeses make this a super simple and really flavorful meal. 

[That looks like an ad for Chicago Cutlery ... but it isn't. I'm not even sure that knife is mine.]

Always drizzle with olive oil! Bake at 350 until perfect. 


  1. what kind of crust is that? it looks yum!

  2. It's from the Tasty Bakery line. Super yummy pesto bread!