Friday, August 26, 2011

IngenuiTEA, get it!?

We drink a lot of tea at the Hesson Haus. I usually find great teas at World Market or even Gucci Brookshires, but over the last year or so, I've been branching out and getting a better idea of what kinds of tea I really like. I really like white tea and I am a big fan of black tea, but not green tea. I can't quite tell you [in a terribly knowledgeable way] why, other than to say ... that's just what I like. I also really like roobios blends! Brandon's favorite is green tea, in any form. I've found that the more you branch out, the more important it is to try loose tea, so you can experiment with the strength and flavor blends to find your favorite.

Making a cup with loose tea is a bit messy, usually. I have a medieval-esque ball and chain steeper that I use quite often, but I found something truly amazing lately, so I thought I'd share! I present to you; my kick-ass purchase the week ...

Great teas! Try Wm. Hooper's Blend or Marie Antoinette. Delicious! Adagio has wonderful teas as well, I'm a big fan of both of these companies. I just love Old Wilmington because it reminds me of my first trip to see the Atlantic Ocean.
Remember my amaze-balls teapot!? Still my number one purchase of 2011.

 Mmm, yummy tea awaits.

:: click :: No, way!

Yes, way. Get your very own from Adagio Teas or stop by Sunshine Health Foods on Youree.
[disclaimer; don't make your tea this strong unless you're used to it! This went over ice and I added mint, which is why it looks so black. Good luck!]

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  1. I really love tea in general. I like black tea, and I like it strong. I'm not a fan of green tea either.

    Have you tried blooming teas? I've only had the white peach flower tea but i liked it.

    ineeka tea ( has some pretty great tea as well. the bags are really unique, they actually fold out so they can sit on the edges of your cup while you tea steeps. the himalayan black, mint or darjeeling teas are all pretty good.

    village tea co ( was started by a guy from fayetteville, ar. we got to talking last year on FB and he sent me a box of different teas to try. I absolutely LOVE earl grey & english breakfast teas and theirs are excellent. the mintastically minty is amazing.