Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turkey Burgers ♥

Surprise! More food! I have been craving hamburgers lately, but I can't eat beef [long story ...] so I thought I'd showcase one of my favorite "cheat" foods. We try and substitute turkey when possible; ground turkey is 98% fat free! There is less grease [less guilt!] and when seasoned well, the taste is delicious. I love making turkey tacos and similar meals with lots of different elements, making the turkey an easy switch; but with burgers, the meat is the concentrated point of flavor, so it's best to do a lot of prep-work if you're not able to eat classic beef hamburgers.

These are so easy and delicious! Just take your ground turkey and add minced veggies like onion, garlic and bell peppers to taste. [leave the tomatoes for slices on the burger itself] If you want to go majorly "veggie," dump in a 1/2 cup or more of each, but if you're just wanting to add a little flavor, simply add a few tablespoons of each. Rosemary works really well with turkey, so I usually add quite a few chopped sprigs. Now, the trick to the moisture is to add a beaten egg. Turkey is nearly fat free, which means there is less grease, therefore less moisture. So beat an egg and add it to the mixture. Lastly, I like to add salt and pepper after I've pattied them up. Just grill these like you normally would and serve with all the trimmings! We don't have a real outdoor grill, so I always pan-fry mine. We chose to make these cheeseburgers [colby shred] and serve corn on the cob and some BBQ chips for the perfect summer meal.

Bonus: you'll find that the clean-up is easy without all that grease ... yay!
Tip: Kraft Mayo with olive oil is delish on these!

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