Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hallowinner ♥

I can't believe it is nearly October!! Mostly because life seems to be going by faster and faster, but partly because ... it's 90 degrees outside. What the hell?!? I'm so bummed by that. In any case, the 6th annual Hesson Haus Halloween party is right around the corner! I've got a lot going on this October [understatement of the year] so we've toned it down a bit, but to be sure ... it is happening! I think it might be nice to make the party a little more intimate. Last year I'm pretty sure I only knew half of the people drinking the alcohol we paid for ... which made me a little grumpy, actually. 

As I get older, I realize a few things ... I don't enjoy most people, which sounds terrible, but knowing your flaws is half the battle, right? Likewise, I have really learned that there are a few really great friends of mine that I enjoy giving my time to and the rest are basically wasting my time as well as their own by being half-invested in friendship based on something that isn't really there anymore. This applies to family as well. I'm sure this will change, it will get better and then worse, probably. But, for now ... I'd like to concentrate on the people in my life with whom I feel a true connection, blood or not. People who support me and allow me to support them without thinking I have an ulterior motive. 

And now for a few shots from this weekend at the Hesson Haus ... I realize they don't have a lot to do with  my rant; I'm a crappy blogger! Yay!

Boo to you, too! 

[click the photo for a link to Burning Corazon, designer of my perfect witch hat fascinator!
Don't worry, I'll be blogging about it later with more details. Yay!]

34 days!! 


  1. I want that dog sweater... and those cupcakes.

    October is my favorite month too! I've already bought my dogs Halloween shirts and Sarah her first costume!

  2. That is precious!! What is little Miss Sarah going to be?

    I got the dog sweater at .... Target, maybe? Peter loves it so much. When we take it off he'll bring it to the corner of the room and kiss it until he falls asleep. The other day we had company and while we were chattin' away, Peter walks up with the sweater in his mouth! It was pretty funny. He loves to wear clothes!

    And those are spice cupcakes [from a box!] with my homemade cream cheese icing. Perfect for getting in the mood for Autumn.

  3. my inner fatty wants to know if those snickers say "fudge" on them...because if they do...
    it's pretty much on.
    (i haven't seen those yet)

    LOVING the hat. lov-ing it.

  4. She is going to be a pumpkin. The lady at the store where I was buying the costume tried to talk me into buying the lady bug costume... but I thought the pumpkin was so much cuter.