Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Yes & NO!!! [plaid]

I'd like to introduce a new feature for Hesson Haus ... I'd like to call it "Yes & NO!" Sort of like a "Who Wore It Best" mixed with a "Oh No You Didn't!" Remember the Katherine Heigl blog? One of my favorites. Not because I like to bash people for their clothing choice, but because I often get the feeling that some people are completely incapable of choosing acceptable outfits for themselves and hat baffles me, especially if they're celebrities who could employ a hard-working stylist to help! So, here we go ...

Yes! All of it. Please wear gorgeous McQ tartan in princess form and pair it with a leather jacket and perfect pumps. Minimal make up and jewelry help you concentrate on the dress ... perfection! Age appropriate, too! Which is kind of a rarity nowadays. A+

No ... not ever. I mean, I get that she is the spokesmodel for Material Girl, so some of this is necessary, like the stupid hair thing and the cross, but ... she needs help here. [Isn't she on a fashion critiquing show on E!?] Yikes. This Hatchet-Face-meets-Madonna outfit has great elements. I love buffalo or any checked print, I'm pretty sure I have 8 or 9 variations of that black skirt and I'm a huge fan of leopard ... but, all of that plus the denim vest and a cut-off t-shirt, this is a nightmare. F [...could have been a D+, but you should know that she is wearing flip-flops, rendering all arguments invalid]


  1. I think I'm going to love these feature posts! You soo nailed it. Hatchet Face meets Madonna, I laughed out loud!!!

  2. It took me a hot minute to realize that was Kelly Osbourne! Please tell me that's an old picture...she seems so put together now!