Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The September Issue[s]

Done! I've devoured the September issues. They're always my favorite. Not just because they have 2,382,388 advertisements [which I happen to love] for things I have to save and save to afford, but because of all the fall fashion ideas! I love autumn, as you well know and the September issues of my favorite magazines tend to showcase the trends for my favorite season. To properly study my magazines [of which I subscribe to too many] every month I usually grab some Post-its, a Sharpie, some coffee, jump in my big ol' bed, slap on some Motown to sing to and get workin'! Here are a few highlights ...

... my pretties. Covers include my favorite model Kate Moss on the cover of The Bible, my favorite style bad-ass RiRi on GLAMOUR, Beyowulf [love her, but that nickname is priceless] gracing InStyle, my least favorite of the bunch, but still worth the subscription, Mrs. GOOP on ELLE [meh], my girl SJPeee covering Marie Claire and model  Karmen Peradu on BAZAAR. 

I've found a new perfume! I wear D&G in the Spring and Summer, but I haven't had a good Fall scent in awhile. I'm a big picky, as you can imagine, being that I'm in the scent business myself. 
Sephora doesn't have this, I'm not sure where I'm going to get it! I don't like buying perfume online ... just in case it smells different in person than it does matted in the folds of VOGUE.

Best feature: Iron Lady in Harper's BAZAAR. Okay, this is precious. Not only are the clothes amazing, but Georgia Mae Jagger has never looked better. Usually the gussy her up as a child whore or make her look like a crazy pre-teen or a drunk baby, but this shoot was just perfect. She's Maggie Thatcher! hahah.

Best story: Alexander Wang, Fashion's Wonder Boy ... yeah.  Not only is Alexander Wang one of my favorite minimalist desingers [top five including The Row, Calvin Klein, Celine, Stella McCartney & Mr. Wang] he is also ... gorgeous! Good lord. It was a nice little write up and I have to say I enjoyed it more than the story of Kate's wedding, which was also fabulous.

Cutest Patoot: Selena Gomez in GLAMOUR. Okay, so that is a bullshit category, but I am such a fan of Selena Gomez. She is so cute! I call her Selena Gomez Addams. 

Best Style: RiRi in GLAMOUR ... I LOVE THAT KORS JUMPSUIT!! Honestly, it is one of my favorite pieces for the season. Rosie Huntington-Whitely wore an ivory version during an interview last month. [Leno? Letterman? If it isn't Conan, I don't care ...] and I remember thinking ... yes. When I turned the page and saw RiRi wearing it in red with her red bozo hair!? Amazing. She also wears Miu Miu, LV & YSL really really well in this spread. 

Worst Trend: Fur  ... and it's everywhere! Along with snakeskin and polka dots, fur is apparently huge this season. Too bad we live in hotter-than-the-devil's-dick Louisiana and not ... beyond thunderdome. Not really digging it, sorry. And not because I love animals [I actually only love certain animals] but because I'm pretty positive I would be hot in any of this no matter what the temperature is.

Best major ad: Lara Stone for Calvin Klein 
Yes, I have about 8 specific reasons why I love Lara Stone [including her husband, her not-too abrasive gap, her ridiculous figure that is quite dissimilar to a praying mantis', etc.] but generally speaking, this is one of the strongest ads this season. I love Calvin Klein, too ... to that helps! I think second place goes to BCBG's neon hair ads [below.] They kind of feel like Bvlgari's animal ads from last year ... I'm rambling, sorry.

Best Celebrity Spokesmodel: Kate Winslet for St. John ... I mean, seriously. Who is prettier or more capable of making every woman believe in their own fabulousness than Kate Winslet? I should also say that the award for Best Spokesmodel Replacement goes to St. John as well for replacing Angelina Jolie for someone human. These ads are beautiful! [eat your heart out Demi Moore for Ann Taylor ... pfft!]

So, here is what InStyle [above] is good at ... big, sweeping overviews of what is "in." I don't go to InStyle for in depth assesment of trend flow or the story behind a design prodigy or anything of the like, but ... weee! look at all the pretty colors! I also love [hate] how they lay out specific and detailed outfits for women to go out and buy and wear exactly as demonstrated. That's insulting to me. Never have I ever bought something off of a mannequin and worn it that way because GAP told me to, and you shouldn't either! 

Fashion is about creativity and personal style. Yes, I usually drape myself in black, but there are key elements that I consider unique to myself. I think everyone should [if they feel the need to] be able to express themselves through what they wear. It is a luxury to live in a society where that is possible. Money has nothing to do with it. Yes, I would love to be able to buy that Kors jumpsuit [although I'm positive I'd work that blazer as well to save people from the horror that would be "halter top + Kate"] but even if I cant, I can still be inspired by it and other designs. This is why I thrift shop, this is why I love dressing other people, this is why I'm learning to make my own clothes. I think I'm going to get a tripod and remote so I can do some personal style blog entries. Fun! Stay tuned ... 

BONUS: Check out the WORST AD EVER after the "jump." [just click "more"] I seriously couldn't even add it to this blog; I didn't want people to associate it with Hesson Haus. Haha. Enjoy ... 

WHAT IS THIS!?! Honestly ... this has no place in high fashion magazines. 
Consider my dreams haunted.


  1. "Too bad we live in hotter-than-the-devil's-dick Louisiana and not ... beyond thunderdome. "

    Thank you for my laugh of the day. And what's with that neon hair?

  2. I'm not sure ... I think they're trying to be clever with cross-processed pictures of real-life anime girls. I love the colors, BCBG is always good for a gaudiness.