Monday, September 6, 2010

Ahh! Autumn!

Okay, it isn't officially Autumn yet, but I am in full swing here at the Haus. I have a few random pictures I would like to post. I haven't been cooking anything since I've been home from Cape Fear. I think once school started, I just had to hang up my chef's hat and make do with Hot Pockets for awhile. Never fear, I plan to make a big ass  soup or chili the day it starts cooling off and my practice with baked goods will pick up here shortly as well.

The count-down to Hawaii has officially begun. ONE MONTH from today, Brandon and I will be flying to Maui to witness our friends' marriage on the beach. It will be romantic overload followed by 5 days of snorkeling, museum hunting and sun bathing, to be sure. Having been on every size plane imaginable, thanks to my weekend caper with the girls, I am not fearing my plane ride to Hawaii. I think I will more than likely stay up the night before like a kid on Christmas Eve and then sleep the whole time. Dramamine is so awesome.

Brandon got some luggage for us today! MEGA SALE! JCPenney had a 5-piece luggage set for $49. Insane! Of course ... it is teal. But, a little Lisa Frank never hurt anyone. Plus it's Hawaii, so we will blend right in with the local color. We plan to rent a  Jeep Wrangler while we are there so we can take the Hana Highway and soak Maui up in all its glory.

I wanted to put some new candles up on Etsy, but I don't have my camera! I left it in a friend's camera bag on the trip to NC and just blanked when it was time to unload all of my stuff when we got home. I was spaced out for a couple of days after that trip, to be honest. I don't travel well and I can admit that.

We've had a great Labor Day weekend ... which will culminate with Real Pickle burgers and homework tonight after I get done cleaning and doing 8,498 loads of laundry.

Things I learned this weekend ...

We own 4 versions of Monopoly, Nightmare Before Christmas is my favourite.

I have hilarious/awesome friends. I ♥ Zombie gifts!! Thank you Adam!!

Glitter nail polish is amazing; 3 coats deep, that is.

Heather is right; hat shopping is nearly as much fun as shoe shopping. 

I am good at RISK, but ...

even if I get the two most important pieces in Monopoly, I lose ... every time.

My husband is great at fixing things!

I miss my orange hair ...


  1. I concur; hat shopping rules.

    And I NEED The Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly!

  2. Damn, I was wondering where you'd been! I have Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly too! My best friend gave it to me for Christmas. LOVE IT.

    I already have my fall stuff outside, even though it's around 90 degrees. Dammit, it's September. The decorations are going up!

  3. love the post. AND you are going to love this! check it out:

  4. For Real, Girl, Hat shopping is so great. And, I am so thankful I buy lots of hats now that I have this effed up roots hair dye job.

    That chandelier casts a gorgeous silhouette. It's pretty amazing, aaannndddd

    don't forget about Gypsy Moon from topshop.

  5. Gypsy MOOOOOOOON! Yes. I need to get on that.

    Thank you for the link, Linz! I want to make that shape in a spice cake and then drizzle raspberry or strawberry on the top so it will look like his brain is oozing out ... too far?

    Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly is so fun! I think dear husband got it on Amazon for a pretty good price! We also have Spongebob and Star Wars ... our kids are going to be such dorks.