Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Cage-meister!

Yay! I met Nicholas Cage!

I'm just now getting over this. Haha. I was at an event at the RFC, featuring Nic Cage and Joel Schumacher on Saturday night, courtesy of my amazing husband who bought me a ticket! When I first arrived, everyone was seated and he entered through the door down by the theaters screen. I was pretty bummed because he seemed SO far away and I couldn't get a good picture. Later on, I left the theater to go to get a glass of wine and go to the restroom and when I came out ... there he was! No one else was around. No bodyguards or anything. He just so happened to be walking out of the men's room at the same time. Now, what happened next is quite a blur, but I'm positive that it involves me saying "no shit!" when he said "well, thanks so much for watching my films." I also told him I love, Wild At Heart, CON AIR and FACE/OFF and that I watch National Treasure once a week.  Oh man, I am such a nerd! But anyway, it was great and he was wonderful and sweet to chat with such a nerdy fan alone in a creepy hallway. I'm so glad I got a picture! It didn't even cross my mind until someone turned the corner and offered. Thank you, random stranger!


  1. aww, yall both have cute wittle smiles!

  2. y'all look like you're related. it is eerie.

  3. He is my secret brother. Actually if that is true, then I'm a Coppola and I want my cut of that goldmine!