Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm turning into Joey Tribbiani ...

Sammies! Sandwiches, that is ... are the best way to get a warm meal quickly. I really love these cute mini bagels I got, pre-sliced at Target. So today in between class and work I decided to whip up some little mini- bagel club sammies.

One side has mustard and mozz, the other ... mayo, olive oil and sharp cheddar. The turkey is Boars Head mesquite. Pretty good, but they don't have additives, so it can seem a little dry if you don't add the olive oil, mayo, etc.  I also added black pepper and Tony's and then popped them in at 400 for a quick melt while the bacon cooked.

Oh, bacon ... how I love thee. Cut in half as usual. I use Wrights peppered bacon and add some garlic to the pan while its hot.

Criss cross!

Done-zo! That took about 20 minutes total. They're so cute and tiny, but really filling!

I really wish I had a salad! But our fridge is pretty bare. I went with cheddar and sour cream ships and some delicious sweet tea. 


  1. oohhhh sooo goooood
    I'm jealous! All I have waiting at lunchtime is leftovers and cold BLTs

  2. Don't be jelly! hahah. I met your friend today. I'll tell you about it in real life.