Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Removes Dead Skin

I don't have to tell any of you about my obsession with Zombie stuff ... I mean, Zombee Candle? But seriously ... look at this amazing stuff I got from The Bubbling Cauldron on Etsy ...

Amazing!  It smells like heaven dipped in rainbows and it really does work as a good scrub for unwanted zombie skin. Nothing really ever helps my blackfoot condition [I've decided my Native American name is either "Walks With No Shoes" or "Eats Till Shamed"] but it does a pretty damn good job, seeing as how it isn't really meant for feet. 

I also got some "Witch Cream" which is code for magical lotion. So luxurious! So Autumnal. I cannot wait for the big, orange Harvest Moon!!♥


If you haven't already made plans to be here for Halloween ... you might want to go ahead and take care of that. I am officially booked in a fantastic and possibly haunted [definitely historic] venue and arranging my menu for the night! There will also be a live band and a book signing by local authors of Historic Haunts of Shreveport. It will be a night to remember! Email me if you'd like to get an invitation in the mail! zombeecandle@gmail.com

Off to make some Spiced Tea and read more of Fat Vampire. If you are a reader, you should look into some of the Young Adult fiction they have out today. So hilarious! And I'm not just saying that because I am employed by our local library. Well, maybe I am ... 

UPDATE: I've changed my mind ... I'm going to watch Mermaids instead. Cher, Christina Ricci and Winona Ryder ... plus a Motown soundtrack? Yes, please. Great fall movie. ♥ G'night!


  1. Love it! Thank you so much for adding my creations to your lovely blog. I'm glad you are enjoying them! Have a delightfully dark day! ~ Heidi

  2. Oh, dear. The last thing on earth I need is something else to buy, but I think Zombie Scrub is just too much to resist.

  3. Thank you, Heidi!

    And yes, Kelly ... quite worth it.