Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bagel Sammie

I saw so excited to leave work yesterday and pick up my delicious chicken tacos and queso from El Compadre! However ... upon going home to unveil my delicious treasure, I find that Brandon has taken it upon himself to completely out-do me in the bagel sandwich department with this ...

Oh, my damn. This is made worse by the fact that El Compadre has changed their queso from the delicious white Monterrey blend to something resembling Rotel dip made by a 3rd grader and they gave me beef instead of shredded chicken like I asked. BOOOOOOOOO! So, I ate my stupid incorrect take-out and Brandon feasted on Boar's Head turkey bagel with Muenster cheese and fresh cracked herbs. I'm going to go by and chew them out at El Compadre today. Not really ... but I might try and see if they can get the chicken tacos right!

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