Friday, August 6, 2010

Flowery Friday

Okay ... I may have overdone it with the gladioluses. But I'm really excited to see how they will bloom, even if they do take up all the table top and air space in the dining room. I'll take some pretty pictures when they really start going crazy.

Yes, that is a Jack-O'Lantern in the background; don't judge me. I'm putting plans in motion for this year's Hesson Haus Halloween party!! (as if the thing hasn't been planned since February) Eeeek! So exciting.

Oh, right ... food!

We had pizza tonight, which is not particularly glamourous, so here is a pic from last week. Roasted lemon pepper chicken and a fresh Cobb salad. My favorite thing about a Cobb? Eggs. So good. My favorite new dressing? Southwestern Ranch; surprisingly good with a Cobb.

Tomorrow, I plan on drinking a lot of coffee, cleaning my house and making candles. I hate August.

Na Zdrovyeh!

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