Saturday, August 14, 2010


Yoga mats are like $25 online. I got this one for $9 at WalMart. Now ... I know that I usually talk about how WalMart is the demon devil hell, but sometimes poor people like myself need to go there. I try and go when I don't think people will be there, but trust me ... there is no time such as that. Everyone is always there and they bring all their dumb kids.

Speaking of dumb kids ... I had a kid tell me the other day that I look "35 or somethin'" and I have "a whole buncha' wrinkles" on my forehead. So mean. So true. Look away, I'm hideous.

I also got this wicked awesome sweat band. [$5!] It is so gross! Just put it on while you're working out and it makes you sweat more around the stomach to encourage the loss of water weight. I've just been wearing it around while I clean the house. Its like a girdle, sucks you right in. Hopefully I'll be able to lose a little weight before the weddings.

I'm matron of honor in two weddings in October, both of which I'll be wearing a super pretty dress that will probably look awful on me. I'm trying to think positively, but I am absolutely dreading all of it. I wish I could just wear all black and sit in the crowd!

UPDATE: I just used this fatty belt thing during pilates and holy lord, I think I lost 2lbs of sweat. Awesome.

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  1. Oooh gurrllll, hushhhhh
    You gonna look so pretty in your dresses

    And, that kid is mean to everyone... we know that.