Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Okay, this is hilarious. Too bad it doesn't have anything to do with LOST!

The countdown has begun for my trip to Cape Fear with the girls. I am so excited!! I've never seen the Atlantic Ocean!! I'm also fully prepared for the airplane ride to be horrifying and disappointing, thanks to my husband. Brandon is usually the most positive person, and my voice of reason, but he has definitely scared me about getting on a plane. But, I honestly think that he is being really smart by trying to bum me out because ... if I already thing it's going to be horrible then I can't be let down. That's usually how I set things up for myself, so this proves my sweet hubby knows me.

In other news ... I don't get Alexa Chung. That is to say; I don't understand why on earth someone like her would be compared to Kate Moss. Sienna Miller, maybe. I mean in the land of pointless British floozies who once-in-awhile wear something cute, she and Sienna can just set up shop on the front page of "I Don't Give A Shit" magazine and have a nice little knock-knee'd bimbo [walkin' like hoes] tea party for all I care. But to compare some rich little tomboy who had what I might rank as the worst TV show ever on the worst TV network ever to an absolute icon like Kate Moss is just rude. Younger people don't have as much respect for Moss as my age group, but like it or not ... she is a bad ass. I mean, here is someone who has had a rock solid career [lets face it, everyone still loved her through the cocaine "scandal" ... lets also face the fact that they all do cocaine] without the aid of self promotion beyond her work or incessant interviews as is the case with the Chungsters and more like her. The "it girl" archetype is just nauseating and the minute someone is labeled as such, I begin to negate their existence. I think you should, too. ALL FIVE OF YOU! Seriously, thanks for following! ♥

I didn't cook breakfast today ... I woke up at 10 again. What the hell is wrong with me!? I was supposed to bring some pumpkin bread to the library this morning but I failed miserably by sleeping in. Blah.

Here are some pictures for those of you who are thinkings "shut the hell up and show me something!"

... if this sale is still going on, you should go! 7 for $20! 
Mom and I racked up!
Look at the little grinder!!! Cinnamon/Sugar ... perfect for coffee and desserts!               

Some little Zombees, all ready to go to their new homes!
My inspiration was the Disney's Sleeping Beauty dress. Ha!


  1. The nerd in me wants to tell you that Merryweather was my favorite Sleepy Beauty fairy. :)

    Also, congrats on getting to go to the Atlantic!

  2. Hurley? As in Elizabeth Hurley? I hope you're not likening her to that Alexa Chung weirdo other than to say that they're both British.

    If you're twisting my arm to say something nice about Alexa, she usually has cutesy 90's shoes.

    And, cinnamon/sugar grinder!!! EEE!!! GENIUS!