Sunday, August 8, 2010

Witchy Woman

Today has flown by ... I absolutely hate that. I have been trying to train myself to be a morning person, when in all actuality I just want to stare at the moon all night and sleep all day like a cat. So around 4am, I finally dozed off and didn't wake up until 10. I get so mad when that happens. I don't have this problem during the weekdays, so I think the problem is that I'm not getting tired enough on the weekends. My weekends consist of Friday Saturday and Sunday. I don't work any of those days, so Thursday night is like my Friday night. It is fabulous to have a three day weekend every week, but if I'm not going out of town or hosting a party, I pretty much like to stay in and read, make candles, etc. Basically I need to make myself more tired on these days and see if that helps me get up before the double digits so I can gain a little more self respect.

I'm currently working with someone on a new blog design. I'm pretty excited! It looks lovely so far! Thanks to Crepe Confectionery for my lovely ribbon and cutest little party hat, ever.

Party Hat! How cute ...

My precious ribbon. Love it!

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