Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Great Job!

If you'd like to understand my sense of humor, you should really invest some time in these two ...

I've spent years being inspired by the ridiculousness of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. These two ass-clowns have ushered in roughly 19 inside jokes between myself, my husband and our [few] equally disturbed friends. The quickest way for me to find out if I'm going to get along with someone may very well be to say something like "good news" and see if they follow with, "cigarette juice" ... or say "you blew it" and see if there is a twinkle of T&E recognition behind their eye. You can chalk this up to another thing that I love that hipsters who don't really "get it" are trying to ruin for me, but honestly ... T&E deserve billions of fans, so I'm not going to worry about that. Plus, there is nothing better than watching people laugh at people making fun of them without their knowledge. [that sounds more difficult than it is, I hope you get my meaning] The hilariousness of someone's complete lack of self awareness, especially in social situations has proven time and time again to be priceless for me.

The other half of my funny parts comes from these two ...

Having this complete collection makes me happier than I can describe! This comedy series birthed Absolutely Fabulous, which is another show I love [not even close to as much as my beloved Vicar of Dibley] as well as some of the best music parodies I've ever seen! Their sets and make up are wonderful! I love the improv / sketch comedy genre more than any other and these two wrote the book, let me tell you. Brandon and I consider T&E to be the male F&S. Few things make me as happy as a Jack O'lantern, but these ladies do the trick. French & Saunders forever!!!!!!

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