Friday, February 4, 2011

Yeah, you and everyone else ...

I'm definitely having a little trouble getting started today ... the snow is just so fun!! It's making The Fort all purpley. [see above] I really love snow days. I'll probably post some pictures later, but like I said before ... I'm not a photographer. I'm actually struggling with the fact that everyone considers themselves one these days. [I'm currently bitching about this with a friend in Google Chat! haha.] Giant, obnoxious watermarks on mediocre, "color-splashed" and over-edited photos of girls standing on train tracks in shitty make-up form Claire's. [I actually get all my earrings there, but you know what I mean ...] It's really, really getting annoying. I don't want to discourage people who are trying to be creative, [lord knows I am a hobby whore] but I don't buy all of the instantaneous professional photography careers that are popping up everywhere lately. I  mean, there is a difference in being interested in photography, or taking classes, or blogging amateur shots for fun, sport or hobby, etc ... but setting up shop and asking for someone's hard earned money in return for your set-on-auto photos before you've even read the manual reeks of ridiculousness. Last time I checked, when you buy an entry-level DSLR camera, it doesn't come complete with a flash website with adult contemporary [read: Butterfly Kisses] music playing in the background while your "portfolio" slideshow plays.  It must be hard for actual photographers to get any business. I was even offering to do a friend's bridal shots recently because I figured hell, my pictures are as good as any of those ass clowns' and they'll charge her out the nose ... but, I would feel like a hypocrite and I don't want to take away business from someone who has chosen that as a profession. And yes ... most of them are overpriced, I realize that. But I really think they're just trying to separate themselves from the muck and I can understand that.

This is harsh, yes. But, I as I've been trying to work at becoming an even planner [for over two years now! But, I think it might just be a phase ...] I have been in the market for photographers lately. I find it odd that there are so many, but it seems the truly good, established or even budding professionals with great portfolios are discouraged from doing weddings nowadays and I really don't blame them! Talk about over-saturation in the market. No wonder they charge so much ... and then they have 100+ more "photographers" in their city that automatically set their prices at that level without having the skill to back it up. For the everyday consumer in the market for senior portraits, a wedding photographer or "lifestyle" shots [what in the hell is that ...] it is easiest to go with the first or cheapest one they find.

But, I'm just a blogger who makes soy candles in my pajamas and sells them online, so what do I know ... hah! I know I seem too judgmental at times but I wish only to understand what is happening in my own environment and it seems to me that delusion is rampant among those in my peer group and when something like that goes unchecked, you end up with ... well, I'll save that for another blog. 

In other news ... I really need to study and work on homework today, but I'm finding myself playing in the snow and making candles instead. I need to get to work!! ♥

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