Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snoochie Boochenz ♥

Today is Peter's birthday!!! Here are a few shots we have taken over the years [way before I got a nice camera, mind you ...]

Here, also is a list of his nicknames by order of how frequently we use them:
"Snoochie Boochenz"
"Idiot Bear"
"Peterah" [I'm "Motherah" and Brandon is "Pop"]
"Chicken Nugget"
"Titty Bear"


  1. Oh, wow. If I had known it was Peter's birthday, I would have brought him a gift. No wonder he was so frisky today. By the way, adorable baby pictures. That fourth picture of him all stretched out - he looks like a babybaby pony loveface! Ahhhhhhh!

  2. Your dog is impossibly cute. My mother has a corgi, Gidget, but she's the debbil. Yours looks much nicer!

  3. Happy Bday Peter! May your day be filled with rest and kitty torture.

  4. So sweet! This made me melt. Love little puppy babies.

  5. That fourth picture is so cute, IT DOESN'T EVEN LOOK LIKE A REAL DOG.

    The Guy may have to go buy me a Corgi puppy tonight.

  6. He really is a sweet baby angel. And words can't describe the cuteness of Corgi puppies. Peter is a Pembroke. They are very feisty con artists [he often puts his nose toward the floor but looks up at you with just his eyes ... getting what he wants nearly always], but they are insanely loyal and they look like little baby foxes.

    I fully endorse having a Corgi pup!