Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hill Country Village

One of the weddings I'm planning this year is going to take place here in Shreveport at a great, multi-faceted venue called Hill Country Village. When I was shopping photographers, I met Anne Lord (online, as you do) and she told me about the venue that a few of her clients had used. After visiting the website, I knew I had to go out and look for myself.

Just about 10 minutes down Ellerbe, this venue is secluded, but not too distant. It is very romantic, very Tex-Mex as well. I just fell in love. I don't often enjoy "country" things, but Hill Country is different, there is a haunting, Mexican feel that is cozy and romantic at the same time. Some places are just "tingly" with energy, and this is definitely one of those places. The stone patio and iron arch is beautiful for outdoor ceremonies. The area is substantial and  bare enough to take grand, sweeping bridal shots, but the separate buildings are close enough to have a warm, intimate feel as well; the best of both worlds! The interior of the main restaurant-style house is decorated to the nines in a rich, western  motif with a large, bricked bar area as well as a bricked patio, both boasting huge, working fireplaces. There are also intimate back rooms with booth style seating, decorated with old movie posters; perfect for a special, private party for nearly every occasion. Despite being very themed in its immaculate and detailed decoration, the venue seems to be able to be used for any style party and is equipped with a large screening area and stage for bands or other performers.

My favorite part of this venue is the huge, old country store that has been remodeled into a great hall, capable of holding hundereds of people for large events. The country store has that 18th century village feel ... where people might gather for a town meeting or a church social or pot luck dinner. It is absolutely beautiful, with a bar that runs the length of the building and two enormous front doors.

I have just fallen in love with this place! I hope to have the opportunity to work with Hill Country for future events. Please forgive the crookedness of some of these, I have a bad habit of almost never actually looking through the camera, just snapping at an angle I think might work and hoping for the best! I am not a photographer, so until I take classes, crookedy pictures it shall be!

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  1. SHHH! don't tell anyone!! I want to have a big ass party there! I fell in LOVE with this place in 08 when my sister got married. Isn't it perfect?! So much fun.

  2. yeah, I've already started planning a Hesson Halloween there! Not this year ... that one is already planned, naturally. There are like 10 venues in one here, so don't worry ... there is plenty of Hill Country to go around.

  3. Would anyone happen to know how expensive it is to rent for a wedding?

  4. Call or email them. I just booked my wedding. Its very reasonable. You wont be disappointed.