Monday, February 7, 2011

Snowy Zombees

Had some fun with my little Zombees this weekend. And I got to wear my all time favorite coat ... wool, mid-calf, cobalt with puffy sleeves! Love. I hope some of you are planning to come to the Candles & Cocktails party this Saturday! It should be great fun! I'll be debuting SIX new scents!! SIX!! Definitely exciting for me. ♥


  1. What is that bright red one at the top?

    Such a pretty color!

  2. Blazin' Rouge! It is the cinnamon scent that smells like Hot Tamales candy. Yum! I've made 3 glass pieces of it for the party this weekend.

    I put your little Zombees in the mail today! I wanted to Friday, but our whole city shuts down when it snows and it was icy all weekend.


    By the way, making all your pumpkin candles made The Fort smell amazing. So, thanks!