Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yay!! ♥

I  hope everyone can make it to the Valentine Candles & Cocktails party coming up! I'm really excited and currently trying to decide what kind of themed cocktail to serve. I thought about doing a Bloody Mary since I've done some sweet drinks the last few times, but my sangria is always pretty well recieved by people, so I haven't decided. I could also do a warm cider since it is so cold lately! Let me know what you think ...

I'll be debuting several new scents and they will be discounted! I'll also have most of my regular line of candles and you'll be able to place custom orders as well. Yay!!

And yes, boys are welcome! Guys should be picking out gifts, actually! That's why I put a girl on the invitation ... [jk, this is just one of my favorite pin up posters that I've been wanting to use for something]