Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Isn't it hilarious/sad/classic when someone practically swings from your nut-sack until you present an opinion contrary to their own? Honestly ... people quite often throw themselves into internet best-friendships based on nothing and then cut all contact when someone blogs about something they don't like or they feel is directed towards them [ego!?]. I've had a few come and go here at Hesson Haus ... for whatever reason and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to my followers who enjoy a bit of honesty and levity and stick by me, even though we may differ in our life choices and tolerance levels. These are the things that make the world go around. Negativity is not always bad, but false praise and insincerity usually lead to much bigger problems. I'd rather be honest first and not have to worry about keeping my lies in order later or have no identity at all because everything always comes up roses. There is a lot to be said for positivity and I enjoy keeping people around me who are as uplifting as I am grounded; it's all about balance. I am pretty critical, but I also give compliments, praise and advice quite often but the difference is ... when I do it, people believe me. I've never heard someone say "oh, you're just saying that to be nice." And I think that is something positive.

I may or may  not be high on DayQuil ...


  1. Thanks for making me snort out loud with the nut sack comment. Way to go. LOL

  2. well, you're welcome! it's a little crass, but I needed to express myself correctly and flamboyantly for that, haha!