Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I will probably not move from my dining room table today ... I have lots of reading and writing to do. My prospectus is due next week, so I'm currently reading the writings of Fr. Andrew White from 1634; I've decided to focus on the religion of New England and the birth of Evangelicalism in the New World for one of my papers this semester. I'll probably be making some people angry by the time I'm finished, but at least I'll be able to defend myself by devouring every written document on my subject. I'm proud to say I've gotten pretty damn good at writing 15+ page history papers. [I can write infinitely about literature, that is way too easy ... writing for history is much different, as the last few semesters have taught me!] Too many in one semester can get confusing, though! Good thing for snow days ... lots of time to curl up with pads, pens and books and my shiny new laptop.

I hope that everyone is staying warm, apparently, we're in for a pretty chilly evening!

Brain food! 

Nerdy hubbies give the best Valentine's Day gifts!!

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