Monday, February 28, 2011

Zombie Gaga

I'm officially, publicly calling "dibs" on Lady Gaga's Zombie Boy costume for Halloween this year. Pink hair, tux, face paint ... done. You'll just have to think of something else ...

Whoop! Gotta start collecting cotton candy colored wigs so I can make that sweet ass ponytail. So exciting!

Update: Here is the video, duh. Even though this sounds just like Express Yourself by Madonna, I still like it. And the video made it 10x better. Her body is capital WTF awesome. I showed it to Brandon and he said "I like that she jiggles when she kicks and moves. She looks real." ... gotta love that! Haha. I don't mind that she used the Vertigo score for the opening or that she gave birth to a machine gun. I like all of it. SciFi shit is always good with me. Enjoy! [warning ... if you're not used to Gaga, just know that this is totally weird.]

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