Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ugh ...

I hate being sick. I realize that no one really likes it, but sometimes people like to slow down and catch up on rest and being sick is the body's way of forcing that upon us. I, on the other hand, hate resting. It has been about 3 days since I went to the doctor and was declared officially sick. I am utterly miserable, but not just because my cough sounds a lot like I'm gargling and sneezing at the same time and my throat feels like Tobasco laden sandpaper. I am bored as shit. Even though I've caught up on some organizing, I can't really get stuff clean because as soon as I do, I start to feel like crap all over again.

But, instead of focusing on the bad, here are a few not-so-bad things about being sick ...

1: Reading: I've really enjoyed amping up my daily book quota. I've read 2 two cozy mysteries and a non-fiction book on Washington in the last 3 days. Not to mention catching up on my readings and research for school. Definitely a bonus.

2: Knitting: Cookie and I are starting a knitting club for the teens at the library. She doesn't know how to knit, but watching her learn will really help the kids learn. So, I've been brushing up on my skills. I always save time for reading, no matter how busy I am ... but, I have never been good about staying with my knitting projects when things get hectic. I'm thinking this club will help.

3: Online Shopping: Yes, I do a shit-ton of this all ready, but I've really been able to catch some great deals and check up on some old wish lists while sitting around, waiting for my head to stop pounding.

4: Recipes: I've come up with at least 3 new soups while being sick. I haven't cooked any of them as of yet ... I can't bring myself to grocery shop. I'll keep you posted, though.

5: Zombees! I have come up with so many new scents and I've been able to build my inventory up for the next Candles & Cocktails which will be Mardi Gras themed, by the way.

My precious new teapot. Now, I really never have to leave The Fort. My home office is complete. 
One of my favorite sick-time buys.


  1. I am the same way. Sitting around sick is fun for a few hours but then it is bo-ring. Also, your teapot makes me swoon.

    Let me know if you're not up for marrrrrrrrrgarrrrrrrrritas and we can do it again sometime.

  2. Knitting simply amazes me, especially those cute little baby hats. How do people get so good at it?

  3. I can't properly express my love for that kettle. It boils water in 45 seconds and stays hot ... for the longest time! It also shuts of automagically when the water boils. Yay!!

    You should try it, Jess! Although, I'm sure you'll have your hands full soon! Knitting is really great for curling up with a movie and cider or cocoa, like right now! It is definitely one of those things where practice makes perfect, though. I'd like to think it helps me practice a little patience as well; a virtue I'm not really overwhelmed with.

    I wish I could start a grown ups knitting club, too!

  4. And sorry for saying "Jess" ... I just realized that may be a nickname you don't like. Haha. Like when people call me "Katie"

  5. Oh "Jess" doesn't bother me at all. Most people shorten my name to it and it suits me just fine! Though I think "Jessie" would bother me...