Friday, February 18, 2011

Sugar Skulls

I am so glad I'm finally able to blog about this! A soon as Hilly & Rue got engaged, I went hunting for the perfect engagement gift. Since I'm on Etsy, I usually go there first to find something really unique and fun! While it is a bit over saturated and the quality of product is still kind of iffy in a certain percentage, I still feel that Etsy is a great place to find unique gifts.

I really wanted to find something traditional with a twist. [I think I just summed up my taste in housewares.] The gift, as it was to celebrate their engagement, also needed to reflect on their personal style. I remember when Brandon and I got engaged, my parents gave me the most gorgeous champagne flutes to toast on our big day. That gave me the inspiration to find the perfect flutes for the future Mr. & Mrs. Torres ...

 Yay!! I am so in love with these!! I love that there is a boy skull and a girl skull, and I love anything personalized. I can't wait for January 7th, 2012!! 

Of course, I had to wrap them up with some goofy shit. I swear, I love tissue paper more than anyone should.

These were made by LaserBird on Etsy. Great service and a beautiful product! 
The love birds loved them, too!


  1. Just stopped by to personally let you guys know that it is an f'ing awesome present. Thank you Kate & Brandon. You guys are awesome.

    We look forward to partying with you both in less than a year. Thanks for your continued support and guidance.

    Much love to you both.


  2. This is so sweet, thank you! Brandon and I cannot wait for the wedding ... we were just talking about it today!

    We're so glad you like the glasses, too. I can't believe you'll be toasting with them as bride & groom in less than a year ... ahh!

    We are lucky to be able to have you two in our lives and we'll continue to be here for you if you need anything at all. :) Even though we are actually 1,500 miles away!

    Love you! ♥