Monday, February 28, 2011

Zombie Gaga

I'm officially, publicly calling "dibs" on Lady Gaga's Zombie Boy costume for Halloween this year. Pink hair, tux, face paint ... done. You'll just have to think of something else ...

Whoop! Gotta start collecting cotton candy colored wigs so I can make that sweet ass ponytail. So exciting!

Update: Here is the video, duh. Even though this sounds just like Express Yourself by Madonna, I still like it. And the video made it 10x better. Her body is capital WTF awesome. I showed it to Brandon and he said "I like that she jiggles when she kicks and moves. She looks real." ... gotta love that! Haha. I don't mind that she used the Vertigo score for the opening or that she gave birth to a machine gun. I like all of it. SciFi shit is always good with me. Enjoy! [warning ... if you're not used to Gaga, just know that this is totally weird.]

Friday, February 25, 2011

Gwennie Poo

One of my favorite style icons and front-women, Ms. Gwen ... before she was famous! I love, love her so much! I like that she is being interviewed here about costumes. It makes me happy to see her living yet another lifelong dream with her fashion design career. Whoop! 

I got this video off of one of my favorite style blogs, The Style Rookie ... she is also a huge fan and recently got to  meet Gwen! Jelly, jelly.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wreath Switch

I usually hang a themed wreath on our door, but I found a gorgeous fleur de lis today ... I think it will be sticking around for a while ... I don't have a ton of fleur de lis stuff everywhere, but I do love the symbol's history and I think that we Louisianians are lucky to be able to flaunt this emblem proudly. I mean it could be worse ... we could be the lone star state! Haha.

50's Mint

New nails! This stressful week called for something special in the "goofy girl shit" department.

 Voila! 50s mint green! I was inspired by VOGUE, actually.
 The color is REVLON Top Speed "Jaded."
This week's flowers are mighty pink ... not sure what I was thinking! But, that is the fun of 
centerpieces, they're always changing!

 ... the inspiration! Gaga's background for next month's VOGUE [bible].

Monday, February 21, 2011

Also, this ...

Witchy Woman

The same day I found my Gypsy Witch trading cards I thought I'd lost, I went to the gym and Practical Magic came on when I started on the elliptical machine ... then I came home and saw this package had arrived!

SpoooOOooooOOoooky! Haha. JK. ♥ Check out The Homespun Raven

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sugar Skulls

I am so glad I'm finally able to blog about this! A soon as Hilly & Rue got engaged, I went hunting for the perfect engagement gift. Since I'm on Etsy, I usually go there first to find something really unique and fun! While it is a bit over saturated and the quality of product is still kind of iffy in a certain percentage, I still feel that Etsy is a great place to find unique gifts.

I really wanted to find something traditional with a twist. [I think I just summed up my taste in housewares.] The gift, as it was to celebrate their engagement, also needed to reflect on their personal style. I remember when Brandon and I got engaged, my parents gave me the most gorgeous champagne flutes to toast on our big day. That gave me the inspiration to find the perfect flutes for the future Mr. & Mrs. Torres ...

 Yay!! I am so in love with these!! I love that there is a boy skull and a girl skull, and I love anything personalized. I can't wait for January 7th, 2012!! 

Of course, I had to wrap them up with some goofy shit. I swear, I love tissue paper more than anyone should.

These were made by LaserBird on Etsy. Great service and a beautiful product! 
The love birds loved them, too!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ugh ...

I hate being sick. I realize that no one really likes it, but sometimes people like to slow down and catch up on rest and being sick is the body's way of forcing that upon us. I, on the other hand, hate resting. It has been about 3 days since I went to the doctor and was declared officially sick. I am utterly miserable, but not just because my cough sounds a lot like I'm gargling and sneezing at the same time and my throat feels like Tobasco laden sandpaper. I am bored as shit. Even though I've caught up on some organizing, I can't really get stuff clean because as soon as I do, I start to feel like crap all over again.

But, instead of focusing on the bad, here are a few not-so-bad things about being sick ...

1: Reading: I've really enjoyed amping up my daily book quota. I've read 2 two cozy mysteries and a non-fiction book on Washington in the last 3 days. Not to mention catching up on my readings and research for school. Definitely a bonus.

2: Knitting: Cookie and I are starting a knitting club for the teens at the library. She doesn't know how to knit, but watching her learn will really help the kids learn. So, I've been brushing up on my skills. I always save time for reading, no matter how busy I am ... but, I have never been good about staying with my knitting projects when things get hectic. I'm thinking this club will help.

3: Online Shopping: Yes, I do a shit-ton of this all ready, but I've really been able to catch some great deals and check up on some old wish lists while sitting around, waiting for my head to stop pounding.

4: Recipes: I've come up with at least 3 new soups while being sick. I haven't cooked any of them as of yet ... I can't bring myself to grocery shop. I'll keep you posted, though.

5: Zombees! I have come up with so many new scents and I've been able to build my inventory up for the next Candles & Cocktails which will be Mardi Gras themed, by the way.

My precious new teapot. Now, I really never have to leave The Fort. My home office is complete. 
One of my favorite sick-time buys.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zombee Love Potion

I promised Mallori I would post the recipe for the cider I made at the Valentine themed Candles & Cocktails party. I knew I wanted to make something warm, since the last two weeks had been so harsh, but whenever I looked up recipes for cider, all I saw was apple cider ... and the recipes were pretty lame. The words "apple cider, heat, add apples and cinnamon" isn't really a recipe! So, I did what I usually do when I'm not sure how something is made ... I just go for it! It didn't turn out too badly. Give it a try if you'd like to warm  up one of these nights, but don't wait Spring will be here soon!

Zombee Love Potion

6ish cups of warm, Goji Berry Pomegranate tea
one cup apple juice
1/2 bottle of cranberry juice [not sure of the oz]
spiced rum to taste [which for us was, a lot]
apple slices, blackberries, orange slices
clove & cinnamon

add about six teabags to boiling water, steep for 5-7 minutes 
 remove teabags and add spiced rum 
 add apple and orange slices, steep for 5-7 minutes 
crush blackberries in a bowl with the back of a serving spoon
add juice and berries to mixture 
add the rest and keep the heat on med-low
you can add brown sugar for sweetness if you like, but I didn't
serve warm and watch everyone get toasty ♥

Witches Brew-tini

Did I mention how easy I am to shop for? Even though you can pretty much buy me anything with a Jack O'lantern on it and call it a day, I'm always amazed at how Brandon finds all these gifts! This fabulous martini glass is made by Lolita, who has apparently turned her hobby and art into an empire! There are so many to choose from! The inside of the glass is painted as well and it has a great coating over it, so I know it will last through many martinis. I thought these witches deserved their own post. ♥ 257 days until Halloween!!

Recipe for "Witches Brew"
1oz. melon liqueur
1oz vodka
1oz raspberry schnapps
splash lime juice
splash grenadine
top with soda water + sweet & sour mix

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Isn't it hilarious/sad/classic when someone practically swings from your nut-sack until you present an opinion contrary to their own? Honestly ... people quite often throw themselves into internet best-friendships based on nothing and then cut all contact when someone blogs about something they don't like or they feel is directed towards them [ego!?]. I've had a few come and go here at Hesson Haus ... for whatever reason and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to my followers who enjoy a bit of honesty and levity and stick by me, even though we may differ in our life choices and tolerance levels. These are the things that make the world go around. Negativity is not always bad, but false praise and insincerity usually lead to much bigger problems. I'd rather be honest first and not have to worry about keeping my lies in order later or have no identity at all because everything always comes up roses. There is a lot to be said for positivity and I enjoy keeping people around me who are as uplifting as I am grounded; it's all about balance. I am pretty critical, but I also give compliments, praise and advice quite often but the difference is ... when I do it, people believe me. I've never heard someone say "oh, you're just saying that to be nice." And I think that is something positive.

I may or may  not be high on DayQuil ...

Feed My Frankenstein

I mean, be my Valentine ... I woke up to the most horrifying thing on Valentine's day ...

... idiot Monster! Followed by the most precious thing ...

... brefass [complete with skull cup full of OJ] with roses and love letters from all my Valentines! Brandon actually had each animal [Peter, Monster & Rupert] dip their paw in purple paint to sign each love letter. I was laughing and "aww"ing simultaneously. This is one of the many examples of why Brandon will make a great father someday. He is insanely romantic, but also hilarious ... a great combination! And yes, he wrote a letter and signed it in a purple hand print, too. And no mess! He wins.

And for the 4th year in a row, I was sick on Valentine's Day ... so we didn't go out. We ended up ordering a heart-shaped pizza from Papa John's for dinner and watching Netflix while I slipped into a NyQuil coma. Precious, I know.

Monday, February 14, 2011

This Week in "What the hell?"

I've gathered a few pictures over the last week with my phone. These are usually pictures I would upload to Facebook with a caption that says something like "I hate everyone," but I don't do the big FB anymore, so I thought I'd share with y'all!

Weird how there is no  "Calculate your own level of douche" app available. I know of at least 4 guys I've met that probably have this app. My anger towards people like that has really just turned to pity for them and those around them.

This place has more "Hello Kitty" cars per capita than any other city.


?!?!!?!? Hahahhaa. This is a real magazine that I found in WalGreens.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Flossie 'n Them

I catch a lot of hell for being so critical about new music. I think the argument that I'm not allowed to complain because I enjoy all kinds of music is ludicrous. [I don't listen to Ludacris ...] Usually the people that consider themselves music savvy have never picked up an instrument in their lives. Not to say that because I'm a musician, I automagically know about music, but I'd like to think I have a leg-up on those who scream at me with white-knuckled fists because I laugh at their proclamations about Fergie really being able to sing or Kings of Leon being "uber" original and life-changing ... both of these things are false and I'm here to tell you that just because it is catchy or tolerable or different, doesn't mean it's good.

As far as "pop" music goes ... absolutely, but in the realm of really good music, Fergie will be forgotten, believe me. And people will soon catch on to those Kings and they'll fade as well. Pop music doesn't really bother me. I love dance music, rap, bubblegum pop, etc. But I'm sure I won't be listening to that stuff forever ... truly good music can transcend a generation and hold tight to their impact on those who experience it. The most hyped band from last year was Florence + the Machine. I have to say, the idea of a female Trent Reznor [in regards to how she forms her music and records, that is] was pretty exciting. I read that she is a freaking trainwreck in real life and when I saw videos of her performing on stage, I have to admit that I first thought, well she better be good, because she acts like an ass-clown ... but, I wanted to give her a fair shot.

Let me first say that I enjoyed the album, I really did. I don't think I'll listen to it again all at once, though. There are times that Miss Flo simply caterwahls her way through a song, but I think that people will see that as part of her charm, rather than an inability to hit notes. Whichever is fine; there are tons of genius musicians that have difficulty with pitch, therefore creating an interesting and unique trademark to their voice that can't be duplicated. [Bowie, Morrissey, Cher, Trent Reznor, Jack White] Which is great, because there is a little bit of duplicating going on elsewhere. I can't listen to Kiss With a Fist ever again ... it just seems like such a White Stripes rip-off. So blatant! I am always fascinated when people get away with that [... do people really  not see that Muse's Uprising is an insanely blatant rip-off of every  Queens of the Stone Age song ever ... mixed with Blondie's Call Me! And the Eurasia song is so, so wrong. Brian May complimented them on that one, but I really think that he thought they won a "Write Your Own Queen Song" contest.  Honestly ... I'm baffled. That album made my teeth hurt, I literally laughed out loud at Undisclosed Desires. Nothing wrong with paying tribute, of course, but there is a difference in showing your influences and glorified karaoke.] I really liked the Rabbit song and Cosmic Love really digs deep for emotional connection, which I definitely fell for.

My main, albeit involuntary goal, when I'm experiencing a new song, album, act, etc. is to find sincerity and talent while keeping in mind the context or genre in which it is produced. Whether that is in the technical aspect, in which Florence is damn impressive, or the quality of a voice when comparing it to live shows, [less impressive in her case] or the originality and style according to the effort as a whole. I encourage those young and old, musician or music lover who buy albums and keep themselves knee deep in the newest music not just to say "wow, catchy!" or "oh, man NME/Billboard/Rolling Stone/MTV/Hipster Doofus Weekly [that exists, right?] told me to like this! I must like this! If you really love music, dig a little deeper ... find out what you like and why and I'm sure you'll find that there will be a lot you could be missing out on. We live in a bandwagon culture ... which is why idiots like Katy Perry and Kesha [I refuse] are able to continue making money in the music business.

As usual, I won't apologize for being passionate. I love music and I think it is important to pass on that passion whenever possible. Music is a cyclical culture, based on ideas and efforts from the past, moving forward toward something new and exciting. This does not involve copycatting entire musical identities, but paying homage do those who have come before us rather than demanding greatness for mimicry. Plus five points if you read all of this ... and for the record; if you like Muse, I suggest you listen to Queens of the Stone Age's Songs for the Deaf  and Queen's Sheer Heart Attack for a start.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I will probably not move from my dining room table today ... I have lots of reading and writing to do. My prospectus is due next week, so I'm currently reading the writings of Fr. Andrew White from 1634; I've decided to focus on the religion of New England and the birth of Evangelicalism in the New World for one of my papers this semester. I'll probably be making some people angry by the time I'm finished, but at least I'll be able to defend myself by devouring every written document on my subject. I'm proud to say I've gotten pretty damn good at writing 15+ page history papers. [I can write infinitely about literature, that is way too easy ... writing for history is much different, as the last few semesters have taught me!] Too many in one semester can get confusing, though! Good thing for snow days ... lots of time to curl up with pads, pens and books and my shiny new laptop.

I hope that everyone is staying warm, apparently, we're in for a pretty chilly evening!

Brain food! 

Nerdy hubbies give the best Valentine's Day gifts!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snowy Zombees

Had some fun with my little Zombees this weekend. And I got to wear my all time favorite coat ... wool, mid-calf, cobalt with puffy sleeves! Love. I hope some of you are planning to come to the Candles & Cocktails party this Saturday! It should be great fun! I'll be debuting SIX new scents!! SIX!! Definitely exciting for me. ♥


These are a few inspirational videos that I love. I watch these when I need a boost for different reasons. Most of these are singing performances, because I sing, so I'm inspired when people sing well. Some are weirdly inspirational, but I'll try and explain ...

Christina Aguilera Grammy Performance, 2007

I saw Christina's performance yesterday and got sad; here is a woman who can sing like no one else, but sometimes seems like she doesn't care enough to try. Just because you're truly talented at something, doesn't mean that you'll always perform well. In actuality, some people who are extremely talented, use that talent as a fall back instead of treating every performance like a big deal. I find it truly inspirational to see someone really pull it out for a performance just to say "oh, yeah ... I mess around quite a bit, but watch this ..." Case in point ... video number one ... Christina singing It's a Man's Man's Man's World [actual title] as a James Brown tribute. She absolutely kills it. I know that is said a lot [most people are full of shit and/or denial ... remember my "epic" blog post?] but in this case, it is necessary to use that phrase, because I can't think of another that is worthy. I mean, think about the history of this song ... people considered it chauvinistic trash when it was recorded ... to hear a woman [much less, a tiny Latina] singing the ever-loving shit out of it to honor a legend like James Brown is just wonderful. Takes my breath away ...

Before you listen you should know ... when she is down on the ground and she goes way high and it sounds like she is off-key ... she is actually screaming, not singing. James B. had a habit of breaking out in high pitched screams and squeals in the middle of a perfectly good note just to show how he didn't give a f*ck and everyone better recognize. [Isn't that awesome?!] So, she is paying tribute all the way down tot he crazy, if you will. Enjoy!

Beyonce's National Anthem Performance

No words ... well, some words: everyone messes up the national anthem. From missing words, to too much yodeling to completely switching keys while singing it a capella. I am a firm believer that NO ONE WILL EVER SING IT BETTER THAN WHITNEY AT THE SUPERBOWL!! But, Beyonce comes in a close second. I would probably put Jennifer Hudson's at third just for the simple fact of "damn", but she really didn't stay with the true melody of the song. YouTube won't let you post the Whitney video, but I'm sure if you just type in w.h.i.t. into the search box at YouTube, her super bowl national anthem performance will pop up ... it's that legendary.

This performance is good for several reasons. Bey is dressed immaculately, her hair is in a cute pony and her make-up isn't bad, so the video isn't too "dated" [Whitney, however is wearing a red, white and blue windsuit with a turban style sweatband in her hair ... not exactly timeless]. The orchestra playing with her sounds phenomenal, whoever is doing the sound is making sure that everything is lined up and so the performance seems solid, technically. What is most interesting is the fact that Bey, who can yodel, howl, trill, dramatize and choke people with melismas with the best of them, refrains from getting too out of hand while still staying true to and showcasing her unique style of vocals. The last note is just amazing. She lands on the same chord as Whitney which is obviously a tribute, but goes above and beyond for a spectacular, horn-screeching finish. I don't believe she misses one note ... and I always catch missed notes!

Michael Jackson's Motown 25 Performance of "Billie Jean"

This is the first time Michael did his moonwalk ... the year I was born! I'm thinking that Billie Jean was a single at that point, which is why he performed it. He had been a star all his life, but this is really the moment he became a legend. He would go on to be the greatest pop music performer of all time! But, at this moment, when he still looked like a moderately happy person, surrounded by people who loved him, breaking out on his own from the Jackson 5, maybe not able to realize that he was about to take over the world and basically lose his life over it, is when I find him most inspirational.

Keri Strugg's Atlanta Vault

This is probably 100 videos in one for me. I was really addicted to the games that year. I guess I was 12 about to be 13 ... completely obsessed with gymnastics, as I have always been and still am. I loved bouncing around the house, memorizing everyone's routines and wondering why I couldn't live in a place that shipped me off at age 3 to learn how to win gold for my country. [honestly, I wanted to be a soviet gymnast so badly for several years of my young life, what the hell, right?] My favorites were always from the other countries, Lilia Podkopayeva, Mo Huilan, Svetlana Boginskaya [I probably just spelled all of those correctly after 15 years!] seemed to have much better stories and I felt that they needed and wanted it more than the spoiled Americans like that wimpy, cry baby Shannon Miller [I'm definitely reverting back to my 13 year old self ...], but as long as Bela was around, I was going to root for USA. I think this was the last, good American team to be honest. I couldn't even watch the last Olympics, all the American girls made me sick. In any case, I love to watch the '96 Olympics because it takes me back to that place where I was completely pre-occupied with dreams that would never come true. And I honestly think that these Olympics were the reason I became a swimmer and also the reason I was so damn good at it. I would have flashbacks of Podkopayeva's perfect FX, or Mo Huilan's unbelievable beam routine and get instantly motivated. Ah, the life of a jock ...

You'll notice there are no Halloween videos here. Most of my Halloween inspiration comes from movies and childhood memories, not YouTube videos, however ... I do watch Disney playlists and Halloween playlists on YouTube quite often and I always have Hocus Pocus there to keep me going if I need it!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bella Luna

Go outside RIGHT NOW and look at the moon. Gorgeous!

The glorious moon is currently waxing crescent in Aquarius. Also, it's majorly cheesing like the Cheshire Cat.

Look closely and you'll see the Earthshine! [Light from the Sun is cast onto the dark side of the moon by reflecting off of Earth. The result is a nice glow from the dark side and you can see the outline of the entire moon even though only a little thumbnail or smile is showing.]

I'll get good sleep tonight.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Yeah, you and everyone else ...

I'm definitely having a little trouble getting started today ... the snow is just so fun!! It's making The Fort all purpley. [see above] I really love snow days. I'll probably post some pictures later, but like I said before ... I'm not a photographer. I'm actually struggling with the fact that everyone considers themselves one these days. [I'm currently bitching about this with a friend in Google Chat! haha.] Giant, obnoxious watermarks on mediocre, "color-splashed" and over-edited photos of girls standing on train tracks in shitty make-up form Claire's. [I actually get all my earrings there, but you know what I mean ...] It's really, really getting annoying. I don't want to discourage people who are trying to be creative, [lord knows I am a hobby whore] but I don't buy all of the instantaneous professional photography careers that are popping up everywhere lately. I  mean, there is a difference in being interested in photography, or taking classes, or blogging amateur shots for fun, sport or hobby, etc ... but setting up shop and asking for someone's hard earned money in return for your set-on-auto photos before you've even read the manual reeks of ridiculousness. Last time I checked, when you buy an entry-level DSLR camera, it doesn't come complete with a flash website with adult contemporary [read: Butterfly Kisses] music playing in the background while your "portfolio" slideshow plays.  It must be hard for actual photographers to get any business. I was even offering to do a friend's bridal shots recently because I figured hell, my pictures are as good as any of those ass clowns' and they'll charge her out the nose ... but, I would feel like a hypocrite and I don't want to take away business from someone who has chosen that as a profession. And yes ... most of them are overpriced, I realize that. But I really think they're just trying to separate themselves from the muck and I can understand that.

This is harsh, yes. But, I as I've been trying to work at becoming an even planner [for over two years now! But, I think it might just be a phase ...] I have been in the market for photographers lately. I find it odd that there are so many, but it seems the truly good, established or even budding professionals with great portfolios are discouraged from doing weddings nowadays and I really don't blame them! Talk about over-saturation in the market. No wonder they charge so much ... and then they have 100+ more "photographers" in their city that automatically set their prices at that level without having the skill to back it up. For the everyday consumer in the market for senior portraits, a wedding photographer or "lifestyle" shots [what in the hell is that ...] it is easiest to go with the first or cheapest one they find.

But, I'm just a blogger who makes soy candles in my pajamas and sells them online, so what do I know ... hah! I know I seem too judgmental at times but I wish only to understand what is happening in my own environment and it seems to me that delusion is rampant among those in my peer group and when something like that goes unchecked, you end up with ... well, I'll save that for another blog. 

In other news ... I really need to study and work on homework today, but I'm finding myself playing in the snow and making candles instead. I need to get to work!! ♥

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hill Country Village

One of the weddings I'm planning this year is going to take place here in Shreveport at a great, multi-faceted venue called Hill Country Village. When I was shopping photographers, I met Anne Lord (online, as you do) and she told me about the venue that a few of her clients had used. After visiting the website, I knew I had to go out and look for myself.

Just about 10 minutes down Ellerbe, this venue is secluded, but not too distant. It is very romantic, very Tex-Mex as well. I just fell in love. I don't often enjoy "country" things, but Hill Country is different, there is a haunting, Mexican feel that is cozy and romantic at the same time. Some places are just "tingly" with energy, and this is definitely one of those places. The stone patio and iron arch is beautiful for outdoor ceremonies. The area is substantial and  bare enough to take grand, sweeping bridal shots, but the separate buildings are close enough to have a warm, intimate feel as well; the best of both worlds! The interior of the main restaurant-style house is decorated to the nines in a rich, western  motif with a large, bricked bar area as well as a bricked patio, both boasting huge, working fireplaces. There are also intimate back rooms with booth style seating, decorated with old movie posters; perfect for a special, private party for nearly every occasion. Despite being very themed in its immaculate and detailed decoration, the venue seems to be able to be used for any style party and is equipped with a large screening area and stage for bands or other performers.

My favorite part of this venue is the huge, old country store that has been remodeled into a great hall, capable of holding hundereds of people for large events. The country store has that 18th century village feel ... where people might gather for a town meeting or a church social or pot luck dinner. It is absolutely beautiful, with a bar that runs the length of the building and two enormous front doors.

I have just fallen in love with this place! I hope to have the opportunity to work with Hill Country for future events. Please forgive the crookedness of some of these, I have a bad habit of almost never actually looking through the camera, just snapping at an angle I think might work and hoping for the best! I am not a photographer, so until I take classes, crookedy pictures it shall be!

More on the next page ... 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yay!! ♥

I  hope everyone can make it to the Valentine Candles & Cocktails party coming up! I'm really excited and currently trying to decide what kind of themed cocktail to serve. I thought about doing a Bloody Mary since I've done some sweet drinks the last few times, but my sangria is always pretty well recieved by people, so I haven't decided. I could also do a warm cider since it is so cold lately! Let me know what you think ...

I'll be debuting several new scents and they will be discounted! I'll also have most of my regular line of candles and you'll be able to place custom orders as well. Yay!!

And yes, boys are welcome! Guys should be picking out gifts, actually! That's why I put a girl on the invitation ... [jk, this is just one of my favorite pin up posters that I've been wanting to use for something]

Snoochie Boochenz ♥

Today is Peter's birthday!!! Here are a few shots we have taken over the years [way before I got a nice camera, mind you ...]

Here, also is a list of his nicknames by order of how frequently we use them:
"Snoochie Boochenz"
"Idiot Bear"
"Peterah" [I'm "Motherah" and Brandon is "Pop"]
"Chicken Nugget"
"Titty Bear"